Different Types of Female Orgasms

In honor of the International Day of the Female Orgasm, a post about the different types of female orgasms seemed very apropos. Whether you’re a female and you have never experienced all of the different types of orgasms or you’ve tried to give your female partner(s) the different types of orgasms, remember any orgasm is a good orgasm. The goal is to enjoy yourself, not tick a box off a list of accomplishments. The time it takes for a woman to achieve orgasm will vary on the woman, the technique, the area being stimulated, and a vast variety of other factors. Female orgasms begin in the brain. Although there are some women that can orgasm easily, sensual foreplay is the best way to get a woman ready for orgasm. Enjoy the journey and don’t focus on how long it takes to get there because truthfully, you may never get there.

Clitoral Orgasm

This is the most recognized and achievable of all orgasms. It is usually the first kind of orgasm a female achieves. To give a woman a clitoral orgasm, her clitoris must be stimulated in a constant motion that is desirable for that particular woman. The clitoris does not make any lubrication, so some form of lubrication will usually enhance the experience for the woman. Saliva, vaginal discharge, or store-bought lube are the most used types of lubrication. Spread some of the lube over the vagina before you begin. Some women like gentle clitoral stimulation, others like more vigorous stimulation. Each woman is different and you will need to pay attention to the cues your partner is giving you. If she is pressing her pubic area towards you, she most likely wants a little more pressure. If she is backing her pelvis away, then you might be overstimulating the area.

The three most common ways of achieving a clitoral orgasm are:

  1. Fingers – One of the most popular techniques is called double-clicking the mouse. Gently slide the clitoral hood back using your pointer and middle fingers, then place one of the fingers on each side of the clitoris. Using a small circular motion and applying even pressure, make circles over the clitoris until orgasm is achieved.
  2. Mouth – There are many revered techniques such as the alphabet, paint the fence, play the harmonica, and let’s not forget some sucking and nibbling. While these techniques can play a part in foreplay, it is with consistent pressure and motion that will bring a female to orgasm. If you are constantly changing up your game (like the alphabet), it will be difficult for the woman to focus on achieving orgasm. Remember, the female orgasm begins in the brain and therefore consistency is key.
  3. Vibrators – Vibrators and other sex toys that provide constant stimulation are very good tools to help a woman achieve a clitoral orgasm. Vibrators provide a consistent motion and it can be placed on the clitoris with the perfect amount of pressure to make orgasm easier to achieve. Don’t be afraid to use them!

G-Spot Orgasm

Named after the German gynocologist, Ernst Grafenberg, the G-spot is an erogenous zone located about 2-3 inches along the anterior wall of the vagina. The easiest way to locate it is to insert a finger (palm facing up towards the clitoris) inside the vagina and then make the “come hither” motion. Most index fingers are around 3 inches. Since the G-spot is not exactly at the same depth for every woman, you may need to keep your finger out slightly or you may need to have your finger in so that your palm is flat against the opening of her vagina.

When the G-spot is stimulated, the woman will feel it. If you are a woman, please, please be vocal about what you are feeling. Let your partner know when the spot is touched and it is feeling good. It is difficult for someone to feel the G-spot until the woman is really aroused. Once a woman is aroused, the G-spot will have a ridged feel to it instead of soft like the labial folds. Many woman can orgasm with constant pressure to the G-spot, but others will need it to be rubbed in a constant manner, like the clitoris.

If you have difficulty using your fingers, try one of the specially designed vibrators, dildos, or other sex toys to help stimulate the G-spot.

U-Spot or Skene’s Gland

Formerly called O-Spot but more documentation is referring to this spot as the U-spot since it is the urethral sponge that is stimulated.

The U-Spot or Skene’s gland (paraurethral glands or urethral sponge), otherwise known as the female prostate, is the area responsible for female ejaculation. Female ejaculation is gaining popularity due to so many scenes in pornos. Although it is still highly debated, I can attest that female ejaculation is real. Female ejaculation is expelled from the body through the urethra so many doctors and so-called experts claim that it is just urine. But newer studies have shown this is not the case. When it is stimulated, the glands fill up with fluid from the circulatory system. This fluid has a similar makeup as male prostate fluid including Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) and Prostatic Acid Phosphatase. It often contains trace amounts of urea and creatinine, but not nearly the amount as is found in urine. Female ejaculation does not have a smell and is clear.

The Skene’s gland is located about 3 inches inside the anterior vaginal wall, right next to the G-spot. When aroused, the Skene’s gland area will feel like a sponge (hence why it is called the urethral sponge).

The most common method I have seen to make a woman ejaculate is by using fingers. Insert two fingers (either first and middle or middle and ring) in and out of the vagina in a rapid motion. This takes quite a bit of bicep strength as this motion will need to be repeated over and over until the woman orgasms. Depending on the length of your fingers, you might either hit the G-spot or stimulate the Skene’s gland. So if your partner orgasms but does not ejaculate, you most likely gave her a G-spot orgasm which is really awesome! As always, please pay attention to the non-verbal cues your partner is giving you if you try this method.

A-Spot Orgasm

Located about another inch or so in from the G-Spot is the A-Spot. It is located between the cervix and the bladder. You’ll know you’ve gone to far and hit the cervix if your partner pulls back and may even slap you. The cervix is super sensitive and most women do not like it to be touched. This is usually the spot that is stimulated when women achieve a vaginal orgasm through penetration (non-clitoral stimulation and most often referenced with a penis as what is penetrating the vagina). A-spot orgasms generally last about 20 seconds longer than a G-spot or clitoral orgasm. Women usually do not feel the sensation of needing to pee that often accompanies the G-Spot or Skene’s Gland orgasms.

As for technique other than with a penis or dildo, the only way I’ve ever achieved it (or made another woman achieve it) is by inserting two fingers as deep as I can. My middle finger is 3.5″ long so I can usually stimulate the spot. The best way to get a constant movement that will lead to orgasm is by scissoring my fingers in a rapid motion until the woman orgasms. It takes some serious concentration and your fingers will get tired, especially if you have already done this earlier. There might be another technique that works better, but I haven’t discovered one.

P-Spot Orgasm

Formerly U-Spot (named after the cul-de-sac shape) but now referenced more often as P since it is on the posterior wall

This erogenous zone (posterior fornix) is located on the posterior wall of the vagina. It is deep inside the vagina and is often referenced as the cul-de-sac because it is located behind the cervix and is the deepest area of the vagina. Because of the depth (usually 5-7 inches but can be as deep as 10″), it is difficult to reach with fingers but can be reached with a large enough penis, dildo, or other sex toy. It can also be stimulated through the anus. Women who have anal orgasms are having U-Spot orgasms. The posterior fornix is connected to the Skene’s gland, so it is possible to get a woman to ejaculate through this type of orgasm although it is not common.

IF you are a male with a long enough penis and are wondering the best position to get into to reach this erogenous zone, the easiest way is from behind as it is difficult for a penis to get behind the cervix. Due to the sensitivity of the cervix, it will usually take some adjustments until you hit the right spot. Many men need to “bottom out” in order to hit the spot.

If you can reach the spot (either with a penis, dildo, or vibrator) and bring her to orgasm, this can be one of the most intense orgasms because it is connected to the anterior fornix where the G-Spot, O-Spot and A-Spot are all located. It is possible for some women to have all areas orgasm at the same time. Some women have been known to actually black out after this kind of orgasm.


Unicorn Upshot:

A woman’s orgasm begins in the brain. Proper foreplay is needed for a woman to achieve an orgasm. Don’t just go straight for the clit!

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