Product Review: FC2 Female Condom

A long time ago, I remember hearing about female condoms. And of course, I thought… why? Regular condoms are so inexpensive, they’ve been around forever, and seriously, if a guy wants to be with me, he needs to wear one. If he won’t, well then, he doesn’t get to be with me. But recently I went to a hot tub/pool party and one of my friends told me that she got me a surprise. A female condom to try out in the hot tub since regular latex condoms are not tested for safety in water treated with chemicals. The only caveat was that I’d write a review on it.

I just discovered that this condom is no longer available commercially. The company that purchased the company that made these condoms have changed the business model and are only selling them via prescription. I’m so incredibly sad because the product is quite amazing.

What is a female condom?

Imagine a large latex-like tube with a ring on the opening side and a ring on the closed side. They are inserted in the same way Instead menstrual Softcups are.

The Logistics

I occasionally use the Instead Softcups, so I was quite familiar with the process of inserting the FC2 condom.  The condom came in silicone lubricant but I know that hot tubs and water in general significantly dry me out, so I generously put additional silicone based lubricant on the outside of the condom before inserting it. And since I know what it feels like to have your skin feel like it’s getting ripped off because water is not a lubricant, I put a generous amount of lubricant inside the condom for my friend.

But what I wasn’t really prepared for was how the condom hangs out of my vagina. Not a big deal when you’re with one other partner, but it’s a bit awkward when you have to walk from the bathroom to the hot tub during a party full of people. It felt like I had a plastic bag shoved in there. I was too self conscience with the condom hanging out to be completely naked, so I kept my towel wrapped around me and dropped it right before stepping in the tub. I also felt like I needed to hold it in place when I was getting in. I probably didn’t, but it sure felt like it was going to fall out.

What did it feel like?

Needless to say, I was quite skeptical. How good can a plastic bag inside your vagina feel? So to get in the mood, we partook in a few minutes of intense kissing. Once we were both riled up, I straddled my friend that so gallantly volunteered to help me out with this experiment. Since he had no idea how the condom even worked, I felt it was best that I took control.

I briefly checked to make sure that the condom was still secure against my pubic bone (yes, that meant inserting my fingers inside), then I positioned myself over him. While firmly holding his cock in my hand, I slowly descended. The lube made his cock slide easily into my condom covered pussy. After giving me a moment to adjust to his size, we slowly began to rock our hips, testing to see if the condom would slip out of place. It didn’t, so we picked up the pace.

It felt amazing. It felt just like we were fucking without a condom. In fact, it felt so much like bareback that we stopped a few times to check and make sure that the condom hadn’t slipped out. Each time, the condom was securely in place.

In order to give a thorough review, I insisted that we fuck for awhile. Luckily, my friend had no problem obliging.  After several orgasms, I can recommend the FC2 female condom for her pleasure. My friend agreed and gave his approval, too.


  1. My friend didn’t finish in the condom. I wasn’t sure how to keep the semen from leaking into the hot tub if he did come. Since it wasn’t my hot tub, I thought it only respectful for the host and the other guests not to do so.
  2. I’m not sure if it would be as amazing not in water. I can only imagine that there would be a sound since the condom is a bag and that could be a turn off.
  3. It’s possible that it was the silicone lube that provided the extra sensation. But I don’t think so, because I’ve used plenty of condoms with plenty of different lubes and they haven’t felt like this.
  4. They’re expensive and not commercially available any more. Although I did see some on eBay at the time I wrote this.

Rating: 4.5 stars

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