My first butt plug experience

A little caveat before I begin. I have used butt plugs before, but they’ve been a part of a sexual encounter and whiskey was always involved prior to insertion. This is the first time I’ve used one on my own.

The other night, my favorite FWB told me in no uncertain terms that he wanted to fuck my ass. It has been awhile since that has happened without copious amounts of whiskey involved so I thought I should prepare.

Step 1

First things first: anal douching. If you haven’t done it before and you know you’re going to have anal sex, I highly recommend it. Anal douches work. They really do.

Step 2

Awhile back and after a funny conversation with a couple friends of mine, one of my friends gave me a 3 butt plug pack. I asked her if I needed it since I’ve had anal before, but she suggested that I use them since I still find the whole experience a little overwhelming sometimes.

Since it was time to get ready to go, I busted out the pack to take a look. The first one was very little. The last one is pretty fat. The middle one looked just right.

I grabbed my lube and generously got it nice and slippery. Then I slowly began to insert it into my tight little hole.

Whoa, that’s different

Remembering my ujjayi breath, I was able to get it positioned somewhat comfortably. If you’ve never had a butt plug in your ass before, let me tell you, it’s quite a different experience. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t in the throws of passion, maybe it’s because whiskey wasn’t involved, or maybe because the butt plug just sits there. But I was acutely aware of the butt plug the entire time it was in there.

I needed to stop by the store before I headed over. Hesitantly, I got out of the car. I started to have some doubts. With each step I took, I was certain that the butt plug was just going to pop out. I was wearing real underwear, not thongs, and relatively tight skinny pants so the chances of it actually falling out were slim. But it took all of my will power not to reach back to check that it wasn’t falling out.

My dirty little secret

After a few steps, I realized I had two choices: worry that it’s going to fall out or have faith in the universe. I decided to have faith in the universe that it would not allow the butt plug to fall out and completely embarrass me. Knowing that I was being naughty while everyone else was just going on with their normal business got me incredibly excited. With each step, I found myself getting wetter and wetter.

Glancing around, I saw some families, couples, and of course some single men. I couldn’t help but smile. While I was grabbing some juice, I saw this cute little old Asian lady. I almost blurted out laughing because I started to wonder if she had a butt plug in her ass, too!

After that, it was quite difficult to look people in the face without letting out a laugh because I kept wondering if any of them had a dirty little secret, too. Somehow I managed to get through the store and the checkout line without busting out in laughter or reaching back to check on the plug. Of course, the first thing I did as soon as I got back to my car was check that the plug was still snugly in place.

Down to business

After a drink and some niceties at my FWB’s place, it was time to get down to business. During an intensive make out session, still clothed, he reaches around to feel my ass. By the expression on his face I could tell he felt the plug. I couldn’t help but start laughing. I told him about it.

I was so wet and turned on. The experience of walking around with the plug in my ass, feeling it with each step, and knowing that my ass was going to get pounded kept my pussy quivering.

Of course, we quickly moved to the bedroom and instead of removing it, we decided to keep it in for our first round. Having sex with an anal plug in is such an awesome experience. Not only could I feel his cock thrusting but I could feel the pressure from the plug, too. My pussy felt tighter and wetter than I think it ever had been before. Before long, I was falling over the edge and an orgasm ripped through my body. It was so intense that my legs were shaking.

Removal time

But I didn’t go over to my FWB’s place just for another mind-blowing vaginal orgasm. So round 2 was all about the ass.

I went to the bathroom to remove the plug. Note to self: remove slowly!

I did not remove it slowly and whew, was that a little painful. Luckily with some lube I didn’t notice any irritation while we had anal sex. We had a fun round and I’m thankful for the butt plug. I was more than ready for round 2.

Butt plug recommendation

If you’re still new to anal or you find it very uncomfortable, I can say with certainty that using the butt plug ahead of time made the experience much more enjoyable. If you’re not into anal sex but think you could handle the butt plug, I still recommend it. The sensation during vaginal sex was well worth it. My little three pack seems like a good starting point since there are varying sizes. Just don’t forget the lube!

Unicorn Upshot:A 3-pack variety will had some spice to your life!



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